Our Business

As prices for gas and diesel increase and remain volatile, more and more mining companies are opting for hybrid power plants incorporating thermal (gas/diesel), storage and renewable energy to reduce price volatility and the cost of energy

PWR is uniquely positioned to provide clients with competitively priced and technically sound Hybrid Power Solutions. PWR has proven credentials across all aspects of the hybrid power IPP model

We are specialists in

Thermal Energy
Renewable Energy

60-70% of power generated from a Hybrid Power Station is from Thermal Generation. PWR has completed over 30 thermal power projects (gas & diesel) delivering in excess of 80MW of power.


Increasingly there is an incentive and a requirement to maximize the renewable energy potential of each mine site. PWR’s renewable team has delivered over 350MW of solar projects globally and has designed, built and operated over 30 installations.


Is the incorporation of storage technology and control systems to ensure smooth and uninterrupted power supply during transitions between renewable and thermal energy generators. PWR works with leading firms specialising in hybridisation and brings this know-how to each project.